ADEDE specializes in search and recovery of unexploded ordnance (UXO), geophysics and archaeology in water and on land.

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We have a team of highly specialised professionals and the latest available hardware to accomplish our mission: find and secure. Whether it is in the interest of the people who need a safe working environment or in the interest of the assets and historically important objects we need to protect from destruction or loss: essentially it is in the interest of future generations.

Please have a look at our finished projects and services overview for an introduction to our capabilities and our work areas.

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On land & water

UXO investigation and clearance

We provide explosives detection and explosives disposal services worldwide, on land and underwater. Bombs, weapons, ammunition and other explosives are detected by our expertise.
We employ certified explosives experts who work according to the latest technology and legislation.

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Consultancy and operational guidance

For sites that are suspect for the presence of UXO we provide qualified and licenced consultants.

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Geophysics under water and on land

We have our own geophysics crew and equipment for both land and offshore.

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Historical desk research

Whether it's for the purpose of UXO services or archaeology both offshore and on land, desk based historical research provides data which we use to locate or assess presence of UXO or (underwater) heritage.

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Maritime archaeology

Most countries have legislation in place to protect underwater heritage against disruption by for instance dredging, construction and mooring of ships. We provide desk research and geophysics to search the sea bed for sites with archaeological value that under threat of disruption. This way we prevent late stage discovery of (potential) heritage sites and thus intervention with the inevitable delays as a result. If geophysics identify sites that may cause for rerouting the cable we can provide an archaeologist and ROV system to inspect the sites and make a firm assessment of the heritage status.

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Battlefield archaeology

Battlefield archaeology is divided into two variations: archaeology of a battlefield with the battle itself as period of interest or archaeology in areas that saw battle of later date than the period of interest. For both cases we provide the combined skills of UXO expertise and archaeology.

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