Vacancy Marine Surveyor (UK based)


Detecting of mainly UXO and other anomalies on and under the seabed using various geofysical technologies with the aim of releasing a safe working environment to for instance dredging and subsea construction companies.
The job includes on land UXO projects involving surface as well borehole detections.


Reports to operations-/projectmanager


Gosport UK after three month’s in company training in Gent, Belgium

– Acts according to general practice in marine geophysical exploration
– Applies various detection techniques with the aim of locating UXO and other subsoil or subsea anomalies
– Operates auxiliary equipment and vehicles in support of the detection (AUV, ROV, ROTV, quad, amphibious vehicles, small vessels)
– Uses computerized detection
– Is familiar with global positioning systems
– Checks accuracy of gathered data
– Processes, interprets and reports data

– Independent execution of detection work within a small team;
– Validation, maintenance, testing and calibration of detection equipment.

– Guarantees the quality of the detection
– Reports to the operations-/project-/ or deskmanager;
– Maintenance, testing and calibration of detection equipment
– Research and development with the aim to improve data quality

 Master in Geology/Geomatics
 Practical knowledge and experience in modern survey means and methods
 Full car driving licence
 Practical language skills, in particular the English language

 Organisational skills
 Social skills
 Feel for technology
 Ability to work independently
 Stress resistant during periods of high workload or challenging circumstances
 Fysically fit for the job
 Flexible and mobile, ergo being willing and able to work abroad for long stints on end, both in and outside of Europe.
(max 6 weeks on end, on average 4 months each year)

 Varied and interesting work content
 Combined desk- and fieldwork
 Competitive salary and added benefits
 Good holiday entitlement

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