Black Sea UXO survey

ADEDE started a UXO survey in the Black Sea in preparation of a beach suppletion project. The Black Sea is home to strategically important ports which were both defended and blocked by sea mines in times of conflict. Historic documents revealed a suspect area at the extreme end of one of the reclamation areas so our focus is finding buried and partly buried sea mines there.

For this project we use the ScanFish ROTV with four magnetometers and a high frequency side scan sonar. The magnetometers enable us to pinpoint anomalies on and under the seabed with the right signature for a sea mine, the sonar images will help us reduce the target list by eliminating harmless ferrous objects on the seabed. The Scanfish with integrated magnetometers and side scan sonar enables us to collect consistent high quality data through its ability to remain at a set and steady hight in relation to the seabed.

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