ADEDE wins UXO detection and beach clearance contract in Belgium

ADEDE was recently awarded the three year UXO detection and clearance contract for the Belgian coast by the Belgian Coast Authority (Afdeling Kust). Although a lot of effort was made to clear the Belgian beaches of UXO immediately after the last war, the volume of explosive and inert Remnants of War (ROW) was such that nowadays their number still pose a threat. The ongoing maintenance of sea defenses therefore implies that all intrusive activities, earthworks and construction needs to be preceded by geophysical surveys, detections and clearances of UXO, not in the least because of the shifting sediment resulting in migration of UXO from the sea towards the beaches. We are proud that our scientific, multidisciplinary and therefore costeffective approach towards solving UXO threats was recognised and we are looking forward to putting that into practice on the Belgium coastline for the next three years.


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